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A Few Words About Us

A Swedish proverb


This Way Africa mission is to provide superior and quality service that offers our clients a relaxing, fun and thought provoking experience; and as a result of our success, as our business and our people grow, we will contribute to and give back to the community.

Tourism Just Got a Lot More Exciting!

Are you craving a change, a new experiences or a challenge? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone? If so, why not visit a place that is different from any other. Why not visit Africa! Here, you can experience new people, different cultures, and delicious cuisines. Come dance and drum with local tribes; relax and have fun under the sun; absorb the beautiful beaches, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls; visit the famous marketplaces, come explore the national parks, game reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, or volunteer a few hours reading to kids at an orphanage.

Your visit to Ghana impacts and contributes to the growth and prosperity of a developing country and allows you delight in your experience. So what are you waiting on? When was the last time you visited a monkey-sanctuary, or tested your endurance on a canopy walk stretching 350 meters long and 40 meters above a rainforest floor, or visited a sanctuary where stingless-bee species are observed; or studied community-based sustainability at a permaculture institute or attended a crocodile feeding; or visited historical slave castles where over six million slave walked thru a “door of no return.

Africa is filled with places & activities like ancient mosques, botanical gardens, safaris, arts and crafts, museums, rock climbing, surfing, mountain climbing, crocodile ponds, horseback riding, seasonal festivals, parasailing, and zip lining. You may want to climb stairs to reach the top of a harbor lighthouse for a peak at a fantastic panoramic view of the city. Come to the African continent! Come see this magnificent place called Ghana! Let "This Way Africa" be your tour guide! We make tours easy!

Our Team

Janis R. Jackson, Atlanta, GA

Sales & Marketing Director, Founder

Darrell Lewis, Houston, TX

Programmer | Web Developer

Isaac K. Barimah, Ghana, Africa

Tours Director, Founder

Isaac Kwabena Barimah- is a licensed certified Tour Director located in Accra Ghana, and a native born Ghanaian from the Ashanti Tribe. Isaac has lived most of his life in the city of Accra and been in the tourism business since 2007. He has been recognized as one of the most highly rated tour guide by based on customer reviews. He also worked as a tour agent for travel agencies across the US in joint venture with Eagle Nest Travel, located in US-North Carolina. He has a background in marketing, a diploma in strategic marketing, and four years in radio as a music producer. In the field of tourism, Isaac has served in the roles as both Tour Manager and Tour Guide Agent. Throughout his career, Isaac has been arranging travels and guiding tours with diverse groups of tourists from all over the world. He is responsible for organizing, planning, conducting expeditions, travels, and tours for individuals and groups alike. He ensures travel runs smoothly from destination point to point without issue. He prides himself on his ability to add a personal touch and care to every tour adventure. Under his care, he puts his customers’ needs in the forefront of his thoughts and actions. Isaac loves to travel; enjoys music, loves cooking, shopping, spending time with his family, and goes out of his way to help strangers. For years he visits a local orphanage frequently and has formed a bond and established an important relationship with the children at the institution. On his visits Isaac opens his heart and gives the children the love and support they need and deserve. Isaac goal as a tour guide has always been to inform, educate, inspire, and entertain his tourist guest to the best of his abilities.

Denise Lang, Los Angeles, CA

Sales Team Manager

Benjamina Naana Owiredu, Ghana, Africa

Community Outreach Coordinator